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Our revolutionary Cold Plunge uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you cold, clean water whenever you want it, making it far superior to an ice bath or chest freezer. The Plunge is safe for indoor or outdoor use and we've made installation truly plug-and-plunge. Fill your Plunge up with a hose, turn it on, set your temp (down to 39F) and you're all set.

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New orders should expect up to an 8 week lead time.

The Hot & Cold Plunge option allows the Plunge to transform into a hot tub (up to 103F)!. It takes 12 hours to go from 50 degrees to 103. If you live somewhere with below freezing weather and plan to put it outside, you'll need to upgrade to the Hot & Cold Plunge to prevent ice from forming inside the pipes.

The Pro option upgrades the chiller to 3X the cooling power. If you expect very high use (over 5 plunges an hour) or want to cool fast (6-7 degrees/hour), we recommend our Plunge Pro.

All orders include:

•One year warranty

•Filtration cover (for the side)

•Insulated cover (for the top)

•Access to our guided plunge video series

•Phone holder

•Hose filter

•Access to a personal customer support rep

We ship internationally! Send your address to for a quote. Note: You will be responsible for customs fees on top of our shipping costs.

0% financing available through Klarna & Affirm. Affirm offers 6, 12, or 36-month options, while Klarna is only 36 months but can offer as low as 0%.

  1. You will get a notification via SMS and email to set up a delivery time window that works for you.
  2. For US deliveries: They will take your Plunge out of the box and remove all packing materials. They can place it in your garage or at your front door. Depending on your area and COVID conditions, they may or may not be able to place it inside your home at this time. For international deliveries, the Plunge will be delivered to your location with the box and pallet.
  3. Once your Plunge is delivered and placed, set-up takes around 10 minutes. Please review our setup video by clicking here and get yourself plunging today! 

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Commercial Plunge Pro

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Underwater Light

Each plunge has a built-in under water light to make evening cold plunges part of your routine.

Drain with Hose Hookup

If you ever need to drain your Plunge, we've equipped you with a hookup so you can attach your garden hose to it.

Insulated Cover

Each unit comes with an insulated cover. You can always upgrade to include a warming element.

Efficient & Affordable

The Plunge is well insulated and efficient, so it can keep your water cold all day for (on average) just $1/day.

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Dimensions & Requirements

Place the Plunge and chiller on a flat surface inside or outside. The cord on the Plunge is 15 feet and needs a GFCI outlet. You can buy an adapter here. The Plunge weighs 150 lbs. empty and 800 lbs. full of water. If you're placing it on a deck or balcony, make sure it can support the weight.