We believe that cold is essential medicine and our mission is to deliver stunning, easy to use, reliable cold plunges to the world at affordable prices.

Plunge 1.0 - PLUNGE
Plunge 1.0 - PLUNGE
Plunge 1.0
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Our revolutionary Plunge uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you cold, clean water whenever you want it. The Plunge is safe for indoor or outdoor use and we've made installation, setup, and water maintenance a breeze. Fill your plunge up with a hose, turn it on, set your temp (down to 39F) and you're all set. Plunge 1.0 comes with a hot-tub style cover fit to size. Only 20 available for this first discounted run of production. Order now for $1,000 off our normal price! 

Delivery estimated end of October - November.


Cooling Down to 39F

Insulated Cover

Ozone Sanitation

UV Sanitation

Easy Change Filter

Underwater Light

Drain with Hose Hookup

Whisper Quiet

One Year Warranty

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Setup takes less than 10 minutes, maitinance is simple, and if you need to drain it, just connect a regular garden hose.

Powerful Filtration & Sanitation

Designed for minimal chemical use, the Plunge has UV, Ozone and filters all the water every 10 minutes.

Reliable and Affordable

We test every plunge to make sure all of our high quality parts will hold up long term. The Plunge comes with a one year warranty.

Dimensions and Footprint

Place the Plunge and chiller on a flat surface inside or outside.

Commercial Option

We've installed a unit at Reboot in San Francisco and plan to install two more. Email us at info@thecoldplunge.com for more information. 


Michael Garrett

Founder of Reboot Float & Cryo Spa and inventor of the Plunge. In 2018, Michael and Ryan launched the Float for MAPS campaign to benefit their phase 3 trials for PTSD.

IG: @michaelrgarrett

Ryan Duey

Founder of Capitol Floats, Sky Naturals, MASS and Ecstatic Dance Sacramento.

IG: @ryanaduey

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