Sauna Light
Sauna Light
Sauna Light
Sauna Light

Sauna Light

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Supercharge your infrared sauna with a Sauna Light. The Sauna Light will add near spectrum infrared light therapy and 250 watts of extra heat to your sauna. Your sauna will heat up twice as fast and you'll sweat more than ever, guaranteed.

The Sauna Light has powerful suction that will stick to any glass panel of your sauna and has been tested to have zero EMF at 1 foot. The light can be positioned in any direction and has an on/off switch next to the bulb for ease of use.

Package includes:

Sauna light with 15 foot grounded cord.

Near Spectrum Red Light Therapy Heating Bulb

Hole Saw bit



You'll receive an install video with your purchase. Installation does require a drill to cut a hole in the top of your sauna using included hole saw bit. We recommend going through the existing air vent.


  1. You will get a notification via SMS and email to set up a delivery time window that works for you.
  2. For US deliveries in lower 48: They will take your Plunge out of the box and place it in the location of your choice. Upon placement of the Plunge they will dispose of all packaging related items. For international, Hawaii, and Alaska deliveries, the Plunge will be delivered to your location with the box and pallet.
  3. Once your Plunge is delivered and placed, set-up takes around 15 minutes. Please review our setup video by clicking here and get yourself plunging today!