About the Product

These are some of our frequently asked questions regarding PLUNGE.

Setup is a breeze. When setting up all you will need is a flat stable surface to place the Plunge on, a standard GFCI 110 outlet nearby, and a flat head screwdriver to connect the chiller. Setup takes less than 20 minutes.

The Plunge gets all the way down to 39 degrees. No more bags of ice! 

The Plunge was designed by and for a large person. Inventor, Michael Garrett, is 6’6” and comfortably fits his entire body into the plunge.

No. Each Plunge comes with a robust filtration system that includes: uv, ozone, and a 5 micron filter, assuring crystal clear water. No more wasting water! 

The Plunge Pro is designed for facilities that see on average over 5 plungers per hour and needs extra cooling power.

Yes! The Plunge can be placed both indoor and outdoor. If you are placing outside we do recommend purchasing the all weather insulated cover.