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Plunge Pro

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If you expect very high use (over 5 plunges an hour) or want to cool fast (8 degrees an hour), we recommend our Plunge Pro. It has a much more powerful chiller with 3X the cooling power. All of our Plunges have the same robust filtration and sanitation system, but if you need extra cooling for constant use, the Plunge Pro is for you.

The Hot & Cold Plunge option allows the Plunge to transform into a hot tub (up to 103F)! It takes about 12 hours to go from 50 degrees to 103. If you live somewhere with below freezing weather and plan to put it outside, you'll need to upgrade to the Hot & Cold Plunge to prevent ice from forming inside the pipes.

New orders will be delivered 8 weeks after the order is placed. 

We ship internationally! Send your address to for a quote.

  1. You will get a notification via SMS and email to set up a delivery time window that works for you.
  2. For US deliveries: They will take your Plunge out of the box and remove all packing materials. They can place it in your garage or at your front door. Depending on your area and COVID conditions, they may or may not be able to place it inside your home at this time. For international deliveries, the Plunge will be delivered to your location with the box and pallet.
  3. Once your Plunge is delivered and placed, set-up takes around 10 minutes. Please review our setup video by clicking here and get yourself plunging today! 

You can implement cold plunge at your facility a number of ways. Our founder, Michael Garrett, has launched 'Fire & Ice' at Reboot Spa in San Francisco where clients cycle between sauna and cold plunge for 45 minutes.