These are some of our frequently asked questions regarding Plunge and Plunge Pro.

How long or difficult is setup?

Setup is truly plug-and-play. All you will need is a sturdy surface to place the Plunge on and a standard GFCI 110 outlet nearby. Most of the setup time is waiting for it to fill with water. Click here to check out our set up videos.

How does delivery work?

Delivery is easy as 1-2-3. Click here to read about it.

How cold does the water get?

The Plunge gets all the way down to 39 degrees. No more bags of ice! 

I’m a large person. Will I fit?

We recommend considering the XL if you're 6' and above to have ample room to submerge easily in the Plunge.

Do I need to change the water?

No. Each Plunge comes with a robust filtration system that includes: ozone, and a 20 micron filter. With our maintenance pack, you can have crystal clear water for 6 months or longer. No more wasting water! 

What’s the difference between the Plunge and Plunge Pro?

The Plunge Pro is designed for facilities that see on average over 5 plungers per hour and needs extra cooling power. The standard Plunge will hold temp to mid 40's even in the peak of summer heat. If you want 39-40 degree water all the time and you are in an extremely hot climate, we recommend you get the Plunge Pro.

Can I put the Plunge outside?

Yes! The Plunge is designed to run in any environment. If it is extremely hot where you live, the standard Plunge will work great, but may tick up a few degrees in the heat of the summer. If you need 39 degrees constantly, we recommend our Plunge Pro. If it gets freezing for long periods where you live, you'll need our Hot & Cold Plunge to prevent freezing.

Does the Plunge come with a cover? Does it lock? I have kids.

Yes. It comes with insulated spa cover. It has straps with clips that can be locked.

How much power does the Plunge use?

It will vary a lot depending on the temperature outside, direct sunlight on unit, and the set temp. At 72 degrees and set temp of 45 degrees, it uses 4Kw per day which is ~$1.

How fast does the water cool?

From our indoor testing at 72 degrees: Standard: 2.5 degrees per hour. Pro: 8-10 degrees per hour

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! At checkout, just enter your country and address and you’ll receive a shipping quote. This quote will include all duties, taxes, and customs processing.

On the Hot & Cold Plunge, how fast does the water heat?

The water heats from 50 degrees to 103 degrees in around 12 hours.

Is the Plunge loud?

In our test using a microphone in front of the Plunge, it was 53 decibels and the Plunge Pro was 61 decibels. You'll hear the sound of a fan when the chiller is running and a constant bubbling (not jets like a hot tub). The Plunge Pro is a much stronger fan sound than the normal unit.