plug and play

Setup & Maintenance

We've made installing and maintaining your Plunge as easy as possible.

Setup & Maintenance


The Plunge weighs 150 lbs empty and 950 lbs full of water. If you're placing it on a deck or balcony, make sure it can support the weight.


The Plunge uses 110V and pulls 5 amps. It comes with a 15 foot cord. It needs to be plugged in to a GCFI protected outlet. You can buy an adapter here. On average, the Plunge uses just 4 kw/h per day, which is less than $1/day.

Install Video

Install your plunge in 10 minutes

Water Sanitation

We recommend adding 3 pints of hydrogen peroxide to start. After that, add one pint a week. You can buy a 12-pack here

Changing Filters

We recommend changing filters monthly. You can buy replacements here.